Ripar Compact Foundation


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• Long-lasting formula, dense and creamy
• Used to lighten and correct dull complexions
• Unique compact size
• 24 shades to meet all needs
• Ideal for creating light and shadow for facial contouring
• Its formula and range of colours are suitable for all skin types of any



The unique format and wide range of colours mean Ripar Compact Foundation is ideal for creating highlights and shadows, for precision contouring. Create stunning fashion and artistic looks, for nights out and special occasions. Use one or more colours to create an even complexion and visually enhance any face shape. The creamy formula makes it ideal for even the most dehydrated skin types. Some colours can be used as blusher or eye shadow cream. The refill pack can be inserted into the creative palette designed by Ripar make-up artists, to create your own individual colour collection.


Prepare your skin with the Ripar cosmetics best suited to your skin type. Choose the appropriate Ripar Compact Foundation and apply with a moistened latex cosmetic sponge or a brush. To harmonise the features of the face, use dark colours to minimise defects and light colours to highlight areas of focus

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