Ripar Compact Eye Shadow

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• Richly pigmented eye shadow.
• Wide choice of colours.
• Matt or pearl texture.
• Easy to apply.
• Comfortable to wear.
• Water-soluble formula.
• Long-lasting.



Ripar Eye Shadows are richly pigmented, with long-lasting brightness, depth and intensity. The wide choice of matt and pearl colours allows creativity and versatility. The pearl versions are silky to the touch. Easy to apply, they capture natural and artificial light, illuminating and giving depth to the eyes. The matt colours are particularly popular with makeup professionals for photo art, fashion and bridal work. Excellent for highlighting and enhancing the eye with light and shade.
Ripar Eye Shadows are available individually or in a convenient palette of eight shades or refill versions.


Apply Ripar Eye Shadow to the closed eyelid using a dry brush or slightly damp cloth. Blend carefully upwards across the eyelid towards the brow. For best results we recommend Ripar Brushes N. 14 and N. 8R for shading, Ripar Brush N. 8 to blend and Ripar Brush N. 5 for corners and details.


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