MEDEX Causaal Deodorant 20 ml.

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5-7 days free of body odours!
Suitable for all skin types.
The bacterias that cause body odour are dealt with by the active ingredients(1).
Apply just once or twice a week(2).
Remains active, even after contact with water.
Does not clog the pores.
Also suitable for feet(3).

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(1)The product that made Medex big. It is undoubtedly the best deodorant available today. People who suffer from body odour can spray all they want, but the penetrating smell will not disappear. Causaal Deodorant is applied under arms and/or feet, after which the body odour will vanish. This is a result of the pasty Causaal Deodorant killing bacteria, and the bacteria are the cause of body odour. The perspiration will continue as usual.

Causaal Deodorant is a unique, mild deodorant cream: the average user only needs to apply the product once every 5 to 7 days, in order to get rid of unpleasant body odours for 7, or even more days, even after doing sports and strenuous exercise. It is especially remarkable because you can bathe, shower or swim after applying the deodorant, without it losing its effectiveness. Causaal Deodorant is kind to your clothes, not leaving any stains or odours to the fabric. Causaal Deodorant is economical: one jar (20 ml) lasts for 4 months!


(2)Causaal Deodorant is easy to apply. You simply stop using your regular deodorant 24 hours before applying Causaal Deodorant for the first time. In the beginning you might need to apply it more frequently in order to build up a certain body odour protection level, suppressing an excess of stubborn microbes. Always clean the places you want to treat (e.g. underarms and/or feet), then gently apply only a tiny amount – the size of a rice grain – to the skin (or hair) with your fingertip without rubbing the cream in, to ensure that the pores remain open. (3)For your feet, apply between the toes, underneath the toes and on the arch of the foot, only. Do not use any other deodorant or antiperspirant while using Causaal Deodorant. Always close the jar after use. Leaving the jar open might decrease the deodorant’s effectiveness.


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