B-Selfie Ageless / Smile Line Care

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It takes only two hours to fill the nasolabial wrinkles (nasogenous furrows). Thanks to its revolutionary hyaluronic acid microbes and growth factor (EGF), the first B-SELFIE Ageless filler reduces the conspicuous fold between the nose and the lip edge.

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Penetrating directly under the skin, the micro-needles of hyaluronic acid are able to fill and relax it in just two hours.

If you use B-SELFIE once, the effect lasts 3 to 7 days depending on your skin.

To maintain the effect, our advice is to use B-SELFIE once a week for the first two months, then move on to a bi-weekly application.

Do not use the product on wounds, dermatitis, eczema or irritation. In case of irritation, swelling or redness during use or after exposure to sunlight, discontinue use and ask your doctor for advice.


1. Clean the area around the mouth and dry it thoroughly. 2. Get the patches with dry hands. 3. Remove the protective film without touching the micro-needles in the middle. 4. Place the patches by matching the area of ​​the micro-needles to the nasolabial furrows. 5. Tap on gently with your fingertips making a vertical and progressive pressure on the skin 6. Leave the patches in place for at least two hours.


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